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Biden is Brilliant

With vaxxers against anti-vaxxers, clogged supply chains, and reduced safety officers, we are in grave danger.

I think President Joe Biden is brilliant. You may not agree with me but listen to my argument.

If, as president, you wanted to keep our economy stalled and gasping for breath to promote your gazillion-dollar spending bills, why not pit the vaxxers against the anti-vaxxers? What better turf to set as a battleground than the workplace?

That way, you drive one more wedge between groups of people who normally find a way to get along and you underscore your wedge issue with fear. Killing two birds with one stone, you cause further disruptions to our daily lives, assuring business will never catch up with production, our supply chains will never refill the store shelves, and our police and fire departments will shut down station after station adding to mountains of fear for our personal safety. Don’t even mention the health-care industry.

I say, “Brilliant, Mr. Biden. Job well done.”

What Biden and his fellow destruct-o-crats ignore is that some people like to work. Some people go to work gladly to accomplish many desirable things like putting food on the table, maintaining a roof over their family’s head, improving their children’s daily lives and building a better future. Some people not only see their weekly paycheck as a fair exchange for their time and effort, some people enjoy performing a task they’re good at. They exercise their bodies and minds in an undertaking from which they gain satisfaction.

People at work interact with fellow workers who share values, outlooks, hopes and dreams. Their work puts them in the midst of customers, suppliers, and tradespeople keeping their days full of challenge, exchanges and accomplishments. And, contrary to what AOC and her fellow social progressives parrot from the Communist Manifesto, not all work equates to being in chains. Work in a democracy, under a capitalistic and free market, can be the path to a better life. Almost no other activity on earth can bring the satisfaction, rewards and feeling of accomplishment that is derived from ‘a job well done’.

But if COVID won’t keep business at a standstill, and if children will insist on returning to school, and if the specter of normalcy should rear its repulsive head, let’s mandate employee vaccinations. That should do it.

The Bernie Sanders/Joe Biden team might get blow-back if they said, “Here’s another way to stay home from work and collect government handouts.” Instead, with the push of a pen, Biden (Bernie has to stay off-camera) tells people who are eager to go back to work, and those already working, “You probably, really, most likely, should not go to work because the person next to you might infect you.”

Yup – let’s allow those eleven million job openings to go begging. Let’s keep the economy stalled. Let’s promulgate fear. Let’s prevent employees and employers from getting the job done and getting our nation’s economy back on its feet. That way, everyone in America will be banging on their elected representative’s door crying, “Pass those bills and drive our nation straight into bankruptcy.”

If you don’t think Biden is brilliant, consider his economic policy, inflation. Shop for your weekly groceries and pull up to a gas pump on your way home. You’ll get the message.


  1. Don Cantrell says:

    I couldn’t agree more.
    Whoever is working the strings of the Biden puppet also deserve much of the credit for the calculated destruction of our way of life.

    1. That is the goal. They hate the America that we love and respect.

  2. Veronica says:

    EXACTLY!! Unfortunately many people will never comprehend. Living in fear is not living.

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