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Photo by Sid Ceaser Photography

Jeanine Collins Malarsky was born on the shores of Cayuga Lake in upstate New York in 1944. By the time she graduated twelfth grade her family had moved eighteen times. In 1951 as a six-year-old Yankee from New York, she found a new life on the Mississippi Delta. Three schools and three years later her family moved on to Ohio and then West Virginia where she left home at the age of fourteen when life offered an opportunity to change her fate. In 1962 she took a bus to New England to attend college, later meeting her husband and settling near Boston.

Ms. Malarsky spent forty years in business management, focusing on financial accounting and computer systems, including twenty-two years operating her own company. She closed her business for one year, applied to Simmons GSM and graduated twelve months later with an MBA. Following years devoted to gourmet cooking, sewing, and raising two children, she retired and sat down and typed out her memoir, launching her new career as an author.

Writing from life’s experiences, Ms. Malarsky is adept at non-fiction as well as novels, setting her fictional characters in the heart of her adopted New England. Her stories are enriched by fifty years of travel including most of Europe and the Far East. Now residing in Nashua NH with her husband, a retired airline captain, she alternates travel with writing and sharing her passion for history and learning.