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I was born in 1944 to a farm family during the Second World War. For most of my early years, I lacked all but the basics. My family had nineteen addresses before I graduated twelfth grade. Insecurity was my middle name. My mother embraced a fundamental religion, that wreaked havoc in our home, but contributed to the formation of my moral compass.

In 1962 I took a Greyhound bus to Massachusetts and made it my home. I am married to my husband of fifty-one years and have two grown children. I made my career in the financial and accounting field since the age of fifteen, owning my own business for twenty-two years. When poor health forced me to retire, I sat down at my computer and typed out my childhood memories, launching my new career as an author.

Type A people never really retire. Drawing from life experiences, I went on to write two novels, setting my fictional characters in the heart of New England. My second memoir is now completed and a third novel awaits revision. My husband, a retired airline captain, and I live quietly in Nashua NH. I look forward to alternating travel with writing and sharing my passion for history and learning.