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Who is Jeanine Collins Malarsky, the blogger?

This more informative “Author Bio” has been added in August 2021 to provide my readers deeper insight into why I formed my perspectives and shaped the opinions expressed in my blog: Before It’s Too Late.

If you read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, I think it’s important to know she was born Alisa Zinovyevna Rosenbaum in 1905 in St. Petersburg, Russian Empire. Just noting the year and the word ‘Empire’ indicates she may see things differently from those of us born here in the United States.

Most of us know that Mark Twain was born Samuel Langhorne Clemens in 1910 in Florida, Missouri. But how many of us knew when we were reading Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, perhaps Life on the Mississippi, that Clemens had been a river boat pilot?

I am not an original thinker like Rand and Twain, but I am capable of assessing that which I see and hear. I was born in 1944 to a farm family during the Second World War. For most of my early years, I lacked all but the basics. As a child, my family had nineteen addresses before I graduated twelfth grade. Insecurity was my middle name. My mother embraced a fundamental religion, that in spite of my rejecting it as an adult, contributed to the formation of my moral compass.

I took a Greyhound bus to New England in 1962 and made it my home. I am married to my husband of fifty-one years and have two grown children. I earned my living in the financial and accounting field since the age of fifteen, retiring at fifty-six after owning my own business for twenty-two years. My college education was cut short after three semesters, due to lack of financial resources. In my late thirties I attended graduate school and earned my MBA.

Changing course from writing books to speaking out, “Before it’s too late”.

In the early 2000s I took up writing and management of our retirement portfolio. After publishing three books, my writing endeavors languished until 2019 when I decided to write two more books and build my “platform” utilizing new tools now available to the independent author.

During 2020, I stumbled. I built my website and began blogging (so critical to indie authors). But the blogging inspiration well ran dry when I focused my posts on promoting myself and my books. During the pandemic I made good progress with my third novel and my second memoir. I will complete these two books, but feel compelled to change course.

I was brought up when “love of country” and pride in being an American was still embraced. I feel terrible about what is happening today in our schools, academia, sports, the work-place, and in our government. I am heartsick at the promulgation of negativity and hatred toward our country, our fellow citizens, and those who have gone before us.

As a private citizen, I believe I must be on record for saying, “If we do not value our freedoms, we will lose them.” Whoever dreamed six of Dr. Suess’s books would be withdrawn from the market? Tears well in my eyes as I think about The Lorax; who will “speak for the trees”? Who will preserve our beloved country and keep faith with the brilliant concepts codified by our founding fathers?

Just as every vote counts on election day, every voice matters in preserving our freedom. I may be only one small voice, but if I want others who cherish freedom to speak out and act with honesty and integrity, I must do the same. I will begin speaking now, “Before it’s too late”.