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ONTOGENY – On Being Us

The origination and development of an organism

Work in Progress: ONTOGENY – On Being Us

ONTOGENY is the origination and development of an organism, or a system. I am an individual organism. I am part of a social whole. Where I came from, what I have experienced, who I have become, and how I continue to evolve is my ontogeny. The history of mankind is recounting the ontogeny of humans, how we began, what we have done and who we are today.

When I retired, after thirty-eight years in business, I stumbled into writing, first my childhood memoir. Then I dared myself to make up a fat lie and write a novel. I learned that I loved telling a story and I loved talking about how we function. Even more than that, I loved words; their origin, their misuse, their evolution and most of all, their power to make me think.

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