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Have you read BLACK RASPBERRIES yet? If not, you’ve missed out on the prequel to my next memoir, FROM HAND-ME-DOWNS TO DESIGNER GOWNS. BLACK RASPBERRIES covered my childhood, ending just before my eighteenth birthday when I would escape the crushing heel of my manic/depressive mother.

FROM HAND-ME-DOWNS TO DESIGNER GOWNS relates the last two decades of my life including lessons learned in investing before and during retirement. In January, I wrote, “Will 2020 add some excitement as my manuscript takes shape?” To say the last few weeks have been exciting would truly be an understatement. I can hardly wait to start the book, but now must concentrate on my third novel, COB. The title reveal will occur after I finish the second draft – and am confident I love it!

Meanwhile, it’s back to the keyboard. I no longer pursue the bucolic life of farming, but in my present household, we do love chickens. So, please be sure to join the flock to stay up with my blog posts and contribute your thoughts and opinions. I love a good dialogue; don’t you?

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