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20 Questions About America

Things I don't understand about America but want to learn.

I should have asked more questions.

All my Iife I’ve been making the same mistake: Thinking that other people see and feel the same way as I do. I assumed that everyone knew right from wrong and truly had good hearts. I now understand that my world view was reflective of my Christian upbringing; it was inaccurate. I was taught to see the best in people. This naiveté and blindness precluded a clear understanding of the world around me.

Only now, seven decades into my existence, am I taking the time and effort to clarify and verbalize my questions. By giving shape and form to what was once passing curiosity, I will deepen my understanding of today’s world, the good, the bad, and the ugly. My unconscious focus has been on the joy of growing up in America, being free, having opportunities to work hard and realize my dreams and goals.

I will stop assuming. I will research and learn.

With age, I have become concerned that our cultural stability and national identity are in great danger. For better, or for worse, I am going to share some of my questions and the outcomes of my research with my readers on the bold assumption that I am not alone. Here is a list of some things I don’t understand:

  1. Why do we refer to the political left as liberal when they are demanding conformity?
  2. Why was Obama elected on a promise to “transform America”? Did the voters intend to change our nation in ‘form, appearance and structure’?
  3. If our elected representatives work for us, why are they forcing us into bankruptcy?
  4. Why do we need to celebrate diversity in a country formed from diverse peoples?
  5. If Blacks constitute 14% of our population, why do commercials depict them as 80%?
  6. If America is irredeemable and racist, why are people risking life and limb to get here?
  7. Who is drawn to movements that call for the abolition of the state?
  8. Does the U.S. need a White House Gender Policy Council per Executive Order #14020?
  9. Have you read the Federal Register lately? https://www.federalregister.gov/
  10. What is capitalism and why is it the best economic system?
  11. What is true education vs. indoctrination and brainwashing?
  12. How does Western Civilization define family and what is its purpose?
  13. Is the concept of freedom natural or does it have to be learned?
  14. Why was the Second Amendment written? Why do we have the right to bear arms?
  15. Why am I an iconoclast?
  16. Why is guilt such a powerful emotion and how is it used for evil?
  17. Why do Democrats support uncontrolled immigration?
  18. What are negative and positive laws and why does it matter?
  19. Why was the PC Movement so evil?
  20. Is it possible to replace our progressive federal withholding tax rates with one rate for all?

If these questions rouse your interest, please follow my posts and share your thoughts. Our deeper understanding will strengthen and support this great nation in which we have the privilege to live.

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