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“WOMEN’S FICTION at its best. Experience what wealth and power on the Boston social scene in the early 20th century can mean to a poor Catholic girl from Medford.

––Arline Chase, author of Killraven, Ghost Dancer, and the Spirit series: Spirit of Earth, Spirit of Fire, Spirit of Wind.

Compelling from the first page…

There are Maggies out there – most of us have at least one in our life. Does karma catch up with those who will do anything to get what they want? Along the secluded North Shore in Massachusetts lie estates that overlook the Atlantic Ocean in all its beauty. You may not view these mansions unless you board a yacht, or an airplane. But they are never far from Maggie’s sight. Never.

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Born to a poor Catholic family near Boston, Maggie Kearney rises from hand-me-down dresses to designer gowns, embracing those who can help, and discarding those who cannot. She buries her poverty-stricken past with its shameful secret, and lets nothing stand in her way: not love, not family, and certainly not honesty.
Loving her too much is her husband Harry Logan who struggles to adhere to his grandmother’s teachings of honesty and integrity while raising a family and climbing the corporate ladder. Against the background of the stock market’s frenzied rise through the 1990s, Maggie and Harry share their passion while coping with family tragedy and financial crisis.
As the millennium ushers in a new century, loyalties falter and the bonds of love are tested. When faced with the cost of winning, are Harry and Maggie willing to pay the price?

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