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“WOMEN’S FICTION at its best. Experience what wealth and power on the Boston social scene in the mid 20th century can mean to a poor Catholic girl from Medford.

––Arline Chase, author of Killraven, Ghost Dancer, and the Spirit series: Spirit of Earth, Spirit of Fire, Spirit of Wind.

Compelling from the first page…

There are Maggies out there – most of us have at least one in our life. Does karma catch up with those who will do anything to get what they want? Along the secluded North Shore in Massachusetts, lie estates that overlook the Atlantic Ocean in all its beauty. You may not view these mansions unless you board a yacht, or an airplane. But they are never far from Maggie’s sight. Never.

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Excerpt from Interview with local news reporter –

Q – During the break, you referenced a neighbor who wore her new, full-length mink coat to walk her dog. Did you pattern Maggie on someone you know?

A – No. In fact, her character started out as the husband. I reversed the roles as the story evolved.

Q – Why did you make that change?

A – I was playing off an area of conflict that imperils many marriages, then I realized that I had wanted the woman to be the good guy. But every time I went back to make the story work, Maggie stole the spotlight. She literally took over the story.

Q – Completely?

A – Yes. The book’s original title was Aniline Black. It was all about Harry.

Q – Have you experienced a change to your characters in other books?

A – Unfortunately, it seems to be the bane of my writing life.

Q – So why do you think the characters switched places?

A – I think Maggie heard my husband’s comment about Harry. “He’s too good. Nice guys don’t win ballgames. He needs to have an affair.” I told him that Harry wouldn’t do that. My husband said, “No one will read the book.”

Q – I couldn’t put it down. I couldn’t believe the ending.

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