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“Jeanine Collins Malarsky’s second memoir is a Home Run! A bipolar story of sorts, it crosses a juicy murder with smart, basic, common sense financial advice. (Who knew you could do THAT?) Ladened with travels in Europe and the Far East, and loaded with drama at the same time, I couldn’t put it down. Buckle up and enjoy the riveting ride!”

–Paula B. Leed, Author of From Half-Full to Overflowing

Now, more than ever, we need a reminder the American Dream is still a reality.
From Hand-Me-Downs to Designer Gowns is not another rags-to-riches tale. Nor does it pick up where my first memoir, Black Raspberries, left off. Only in my mid-seventies did I wake up one morning and realize I had another compelling story to tell: I’d started with nothing, and with the help of my husband, I’d created a successful, full, and happy life. In addition to raising my children, building a business, and enduring a murder trial, I’d learned about balanced funds. My personal investment experience was worth sharing.

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Q – What is the most common question you get regarding this book?

A – How could you share the actual data about your retirement portfolio? Doesn’t it make you uncomfortable?

Q – No. One of the most tragic practices in everyday life is the lack of honesty and forthrightness. Just think, how helpful it would be for newly married couples if older folks wouldn’t lie about how perfect their relationships are. How many parents tell the truth about their finances to their children?

Most book about wealth reflect the stories of super-rich people. For most of us, those experiences are out of our reach. I’m not wealthy so my story may be more relatable. Nothing resonates like verifiable data. I don’t talk theory, I relate a true story, data attached.

Q – You husband comments throughout the book about the way you remember detail. How do you recall so much detail for twenty years?

A – I have many resources. I have 16 photo albums (in chronological order) starting before my husband and I were born, six photos to the page, hundreds of pages. As I constructed the photo albums, I built spreadsheets explaining every photo. That in itself is a massive timeline with details. It also tracks our travels. When Jim shot Janos, I started keeping every news article from multiple papers in a plastic bin, including miscellaneous correspondence. Without realizing it, I had built great resources for this book before I’d conceived it.


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