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Welcome, Legal Immigrants

Legal immigrants are welcome to our sovereign land

Statue of Liberty

In 1984 our family sent a donation to Ellis Island in memory of my husband’s mother who had immigrated in 1920. Her father had emigrated from Lithuania, leaving his wife and two young daughters behind to wait. But her mother died in childbirth leaving her and her sister to be placed in orphanages, passed along to family members and finally to arrive in Ellis Island, with an eye infection; officials considered turning her back. Family lore relates that a relative in New York City, a physician, came to her rescue and vouched for her, allowing her to pass through those golden gates to freedom in a new country, finally restoring her and her sister to their father in Revere, Massachusetts.

Our government works against our health and safety:

When I reflect on those years and the volumes of foreigners who came to our shores and the rules and regulations that were applied to them in order to grant them entry, I find it hard to observe the chaos on our southern border today. Here we are, struggling through eighteen months of a pandemic, trying to recover from the shutdown of our economy and our schools to avoid sickness and death, yet our government is recklessly giving its blessing to the criminal entry of thousands and thousands of foreigners, many sick with COVID-19.

How many illegal immigrants have actually passed through the hands of border agencies and been released regardless of their character or health? How in the world can our border agents allow aliens access to our country with only a reminder to show up in court, literally, if and when they please? Is it 13% who report to ICE? Probably far fewer because an accurate count of individuals crossing our border is unknown.

Where are the statistics of COVID cases for illegal immigrants?

Reports tell of our government transporting these unvetted illegal aliens into our heartland and dispersing them in cities and towns with no local authority or permission. What right does our government have to burden these communities with these potentially sick and indigent persons? Who is tracking and managing their illness? How can a federal agency act against a state or local community with impunity? This is a totalitarian government at work, in broad daylight.

Why Democrats welcome illegal immigrants and Republicans want them deported.

Why does one political party believe this illegal immigration should stop and the other party work overtime to continue the flood? Because Democrats see these law-breakers passing through our southern border as future voters. If you don’t believe that, ask why Biden’s response to the Cuban refugees of 2021 is to turn them back? Is it possible (per the Pew Research Center article by J. M. Krogstad, Oct. 2, 2020) that Cubans have a long history of entering the United States, working hard, gaining citizenship, and voting Republican?

“This is my country…to have and to hold.”

Immigration is a legal process by which a foreigner may request (emphasis on the word REQUEST) the right to enter our country. Any other method of gaining access to our country is illegal and the offender is a criminal, breaking the laws of our land, plain and simple. I find it interesting and misleading when politicians say we are a nation of immigrants, and leave out the critical adjective “legal”, as though it doesn’t matter. We are a nation of legal immigrants. We have benefited from the great pool of disparate talents, origins, thinking, traditions, and endeavors that result when peoples, coming from the four corners of the earth LEGALLY, work together to build a great nation.

Let’s apply the “rule-of-law” to our immigration practices.

While the debate rages, consider how the tune of the illegal immigrant-supporting Democrats would change if those arriving from “south-of-the-border” all voted Republican after gaining citizenship.

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