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9/11 in Memoriam

"Blue Sky" by Donna Kate Dempsey - September 2001

In a cloudless blue sky,
Its beauty forever betrayed,
Forever people have spoken
On the gift of such blue,
On the breathtaking wonder
Of a clear day against this wonderous
Blue background.

Never again shall I look into
A cloudless blue sky
And not see twin towers
Reaching into the sky
Shattered by the unimaginable.

What can rise from the burning, blended rubble
Of steel and glass,
Silk ties and wedding bands,
Of human flesh and bones,
Of the paper files,
Transactions completed, and in the process?
What can come from the terror,
The death and destruction
The fleeing of the fortunate?

Perhaps in this future of the unknown
We will pause, reflect, and remember
Those who before us
Have seen the rubble
As those with us now
On other soils
Live in the rubble,
Live with the terror,
And continue to love and hope.

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