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NSBA Apologizes

Biden White House staff schemed with NSBA to write letter suggesting American parents are ‘domestic terrorists’.

Did you see the headlines screaming that the NSBA apologized for its inflammatory letter to President Biden? Nope. Neither did I. But, the NSBA did apologize. They admitted there was “no justification” for the language used which suggested that protesting parents should be considered “domestic terrorists”. Some of the NSBA’s own members were not in support of the letter.

Neglecting to confirm the facts and without vetting the threats, our intrepid Attorney General, Merrick Garland, fired off instructions to the FBI to address the spike in parent outrage.

Garland’s testimony EXPOSED An awful truth:

Perhaps the ugliest facts revealed during the judiciary committee hearings while questioning our fearless A.G. were the phone calls between the NSBA and the white house staff prior to the letter to Biden. No scheming going on here, my friends. Nosiree.

Of my recent posts, none has received more reader engagement than the post titled, “Don’t Threaten Parents”. Clearly what is taught in our schools matters and parents are rising up and telling the educrats, “Stop!” That is not only the parents’ right, it is their responsibility.

Early on – way back in the 70s

As a young woman in the 1970s, I well remember the introduction and rise of Political Correctness in my professional world. It was awkward and just sort of slipped into our culture though pretty much everyone hated it. But we let it happen. In hindsight I see it as the camel’s nose under the tent. Nascent questions that floated through my brain back then have begun taking shape and substance, and I’m asking clear questions. How on God’s earth did we get to Critical Race Theory?

How did gender become a ‘social construct’? When did asking, where do you come from, become a microaggression? At what point in time did schools start keeping secrets from parents? Oh wait! I remember something that I laughed off at the time.

My husband and I were sitting in an orientation seminar in 1994 when our son commenced his freshman year at university. The speaker gave us a heads-up that our son’s grades would not be mailed to our home. He would decide if we saw them or not. Laughing at the ludicrous idea that we would not see his grades, we told our son after the session, “No grades, no tuition checks.” Now, a pre-teen can receive gender transition support from a public school without notifying the parents. Way beyond a laughing matter.


I am on a campaign to get answers to my questions and will include my conclusions in future posts. All I want to say at this point is, I am waking up and becoming conscious of the evil that has ensnared our culture. I want to remind everyone, “We are in deep trouble.”

What our children learn in school – does matter. Ideological institutional elitists have worked for decades to sneak this toxic theory into our government and our schools, lying and denying while they confuse and frighten our children. Their obfuscation and deceit have gone too far. If parents need to make the headlines to push back and defeat these cultural Marxists wearing the cloak of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, good. Extra! Extra! Read all about it!


  1. Paula says:

    As usual Jeanine you are right on the mark!!
    ‘Scary’is one of the few words they need to find a replacement for because scary isn’t strong enough to describe what is going on…
    On a good note my exercise teacher yesterday told me she took her kid out of public school and put her in private school because of what they were teaching her in school. And she told me many other parents said they were jealous and wish they had the guts to do it or the money for that matter.
    They were not being heard and couldn’t speak up. She said she voted for Obama not once but twice and said she is so blown away that she was snowed and had her head in the sand. She now is a 100% full blown Republican due to the fact that there are no such things anymore as Democrats or independents.
    It’s Republican or full-blown liberal. 😱😱😱
    Thank you again for being so open, forthright, genuine and speaking out for many people that are afraid because of backlash professionally or backlash from their social circles.

    1. Every parent has already paid for their child’s education, in public school, with their tax dollars. They must have a voice. They are paying for the building, the teachers’ salaries, the administrator’s salaries, and the educational content. They should be able to have a say about it all; they pay the bills!!

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