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Freedom Isn’t Free

Remembering Our Fallen

Today we pay homage to those who serve our country.

I no longer post because the social media giants maintain an undemocratic environment. But, as I sat on my sunny deck yesterday, breathing the warm spring air, gazing at a cloudless blue sky, and reveling in the freedoms we still enjoy in America, I felt compelled to share an article by Jeff Jacoby from the May 29, 2022, Boston Globe titled, ‘Like hearing Lincoln at Gettysburg’. It reminds us of the horrors and sacrifices made on Iwo Jima in the spring of 1945.

Freedom isn’t free

The sermon, written for the dedication of the 5th Marine Division’s cemetery at the foot of Mt. Suribachi by Rabbi Roland Gittelsohn, became known to the marines as, “The Purest Democracy” and is renowned as one of the great memorial addresses in the annals of America.

“Our youth are our future,” isn’t just a phrase.

Today, as I live the gift of freedom granted to me by our fallen heroes, I wondered, “How many of today’s young people would respond to a call to protect our country. Would they be educated well enough to make the same sacrifices?” While we are all focused on a day of remembrance, I want to send a clear reminder that there is no more important task before all of us than ensuring that our youth gain a valuable and honest education. Love of one’s country is an integral part of a free, public education. The distorted and fictitious history being taught in our elementary, secondary, and post-secondary schools, undermines our democracy. Is the sacrifice made by our military families worth the price? Have our brave soldiers died in vain?

As I write this, I think forward to November when those of us who still love, cherish and value our democratic freedoms can have a voice. Will yours be heard?

Link to Boston Globe article: ‘Like hearing Lincoln at Gettysburg’

Link to Rabbi Gittlesohn’s sermon: The Purest Democracy

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  1. Mieke says:

    Beautiful!! No doubt a vast amount of people all over the world would agree to what Rabbi Gittelsohn says in his sermon.

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