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Is religion the path to heaven or hell? Malarsky's flowing prose once again moves both story and audience toward a climax that will leave you gasping in surprise and admiration.”

––Arline Chase, author of Killraven, Ghost Dancer, and the Spirit series: Spirit of Earth, Spirit of Fire, Spirit of Wind.

While one sister sacrifices herself to save the other, their brother tries to protect the family he once believed was ideal. Part of the truth lies hidden in a family Bible. But who has the key? Part of the truth comes softly in a child’s song. Who will sing it?

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Check Out This Recent Author Interview:

Q – You set this story in a small-town northwest of Boston. Does it have a real name?

A – No. I see it as slightly northwest of the city, close to the Route 128 belt, off Route 9.

Q – Religion is a primary theme but your characters have sharply conflicting attitudes toward it.

A – Yes. Much like society does. That’s why one doesn’t argue religion at the dinner table.

Q – I know religion played a crucial role in your upbringing. Did you have an agenda when you conceived the story?

A – Hypocrisy was a frequent topic in sermons, bible study and daily gossip in the church. I remember hearing about a minister who espoused no meat eating, having been seen at the local grocery store hiding his package of beef hotdogs under the newspaper at the check-out. That juicy tidbit spread through the congregation like the Spanish flu.

Q – Did you have an agenda when you created the plot? A need to make a statement?

A – What I wanted to say, like so much in my writing, came with the story development. My adult life would support an agnostic position. But I understand and accept that religion has significant value to humanity.

Q – Which of your characters most closely expressed your beliefs?

A – Pearl.

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